ARMAKLEEN™ 4 in 1 NF Cleaner

A concentrated, multi-application, multi-machine cleaning product. It was designed to work in manual parts washers, ultrasonic washers, spray washers and immersion washers. It can be used from 65°F to 180°F. ​

This product offers superior industrial parts cleaning in versatile applications. It is a super versatile aqueous batch cleaner, which is safe for various surfaces, namely steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. The concentrated formula can be mixed by volume for specific equipment types, offering the cleaning power to remove soils like grease, oil, lubricants, machining fluids and more. Use an aqueous parts washer solvent for economical cleaning (a little goes a long way) and to create a solution that is safer for workers and the environment. For an industrial machine clean that truly makes a difference, try this multi-purpose cleaner.


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