Q&A about ARMAKLEEN™ products

Q. Are ARMAKLEEN™ products new?
A. No, ARMAKLEEN™ aqueous cleaners have been used by commercial and industrial customers for more than 15 years. ARMAKLEEN™ aqueous cleaners are currently in use in more than 45,000 parts washers in North America alone.
Q. Do ARMAKLEEN™ products clean as well as solvents?
A. A great question. ARMAKLEEN™ aqueous cleaners are very powerful cleaners but in most cases require heat and mechanical action (provided by the parts washing equipment) to work effectively. In most cases, once these cleaners are combined with the correct parts washing equipment they work as effectively as solvents and have the benefit of automation, eliminated manual cleaning, which boosts your company's productivity.
Q. Why are aqueous cleaners better for the environment?
A. Aqueous cleaners contain low or no VOCs and no ingredients listed on any agency, state, or national hazardous chemical list. This is a great advantage for your company as it can greatly reduce the time, expense and potential liability affiliated with the release of hazardous chemicals and chemical waste into the air and water.
Q. Do your products provide rust protection?
A. Yes, all ARMAKLEEN™ products provide temporary indoor rust protection when the cleaner is left on the metal surface.
Q. Can I paint over your products?
A. No, at a minimum, parts should be rinsed and dried before painting.
Q. Do your products contain any VOCs?
A. ARMAKLEEN™ aqueous cleaners meet the strict VOC laws of California's South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). 
Q. Will your cleaners interfere with my internal waste treatment system?
A. No, ARMAKLEEN™ products do not contain chelates (key-lates) that could tie up heavy metals in waste treatment.
Q. Do one or more of your cleaners rinse easier than the others?
A. Yes ARMAKLEEN™ MM-Recycle does not contain silicates or free caustic. As a result, it will rinse more easily than silicated cleaners and caustic based cleaners.
Q. What is your lowest-foaming cleaner?
A. ARMAKLEEN™ M-HP-2 is our lowest-foaming formula. Use it in high-pressure spray cleaning applications or when soils that are high foaming in nature are being removed in the cleaning bath causing excessive foam.
Q. Do your cleaners contain phosphates?
A. No, none of the ARMAKLEEN™ cleaners contain phosphates.
Q. We have really hard water. Will your products still work?
A. Yes, we formulate our products to be stable in hard water areas. ARMAKLEEN™ MM-Recycle is exceptionally good in these areas. The ARMAKLEEN™ Rocky Hill tech center can perform analyses on your water and provide recommendations for the most suitable product(s) for application.
Q. Can ARMAKLEEN™ products be used with my existing aqueous parts washer?
A. Yes, these products are specially designed to be compatible with Safety-Kleen parts washers but they are suitable for almost any commercial or industrial aqueous parts washer. Contact your local Safety-Kleen representative for details.