Armakleen™ Aqueous Cleaners:
The effective and economical way to get parts clean

Looking to reduce VOCs and comply with the latest regulatory standards? ARMAKLEEN™ water based cleaners offer a more effective and environmentally friendly way to remove grease, oil, rust, paint, ink, adhesives and other coatings from most metal and plastic surfaces.

Let’s take an inside look at how aqueous cleaners remove petrochemical, plant and animal-based hydrocarbon soils that stick to the surface of your parts and don’t mix very well with water. These are otherwise known as those slimy greases and oils you’ve encountered on your machinery parts.

A few months ago we talked about the different kinds of parts washing techniques that are available, and when they should be used. Aside from basic manual washing, the four most common techniques that you’re likely to come across are agitated immersion, spray under immersion, spray washing and ultrasonic.


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