ARMAKLEEN™ Aqueous Cleaners

Here are the benefits that ArmaKleen's current aqueous customers say are most important to them:

  1. Safer for workers (No VOC’s, non-toxic, non-flammable)
  2. Reduction in hazardous waste generation.
  3. Reduction in generator status.
  4. Better for the environment (biodegradable).
  5. Little to no odor.

In addition to environmental benefits, ARMAKLEEN Aqueous Cleaners offer the highest level of performance and:

  • are effective on variety of soil, oil, grease
  • are safe on all metal and most plastics
  • include corrosion inhibiting ingredients
  • include formulations for: manual, spray, immersion, agitation, and ultrasonic
  • provide a long solution life

Our 10% mix ratio is comparable to some other chemistries at 25-50% ratios.

If you're wondering if Automated Aqueous Cleaning is right for you, check out our aqueous cleaning Q&A.