The Hazardous Properties of ArmaKleen Cleaners

Can you talk about the hazardous properties of the ArmaKleen Cleaners?

The ArmaKleen Tech Center gets many questions regarding what are the hazards associated with our cleaners. To find answers to these questions we have our SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) available on our website. The whole purpose of an SDS is to provide the user of a chemical the hazards associated with that chemical and its use.
When you look at an SDS Section 2 gives you the quick, top-line look at what the hazards are. You can get a real good idea of how hazardous something is by the information in Section 2. Another really important section is Section 14. That is the transportation section. In Section 14 you will find the transportation classification for a chemical.
Section 15 will discuss regulatory information concerning the chemical. Here is where you will find the VOC information on our ArmaKleen Cleaners.
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