Rocky Hill Cleaning Trials

Learn how to get some parts cleaned for free.

In support of our aqueous parts cleaning chemistry program, ArmaKleen offers free parts cleaning trials for our customers at our premier Rocky Hill Tech Center. The tech center utilizes our exclusive line up of ArmaKleen aqueous chemistries developed by the makers of Arm and Hammer cleaning products and features a variety of parts washer technologies including high pressure spray cabinets, dip agitation systems, and ultrasonic tanks to match and optimize each customer’s specific cleaning needs.

At the conclusion of the cleaning trial, the customer’s cleaned parts are returned for evaluation and a detailed report is provided explaining the cleaning processes used, the results of each trial, before and after pictures of the parts, and recommendations. Aqueous cleaning trials are a simple and convenient way for customers to explore ways to improve or automate their cleaning processes, reduce cleaning costs, eliminate hazardous chemicals and wastes, and reduce VOCs.

If you would like to have your parts cleaned for free please follow these instructions:

We look forward to helping you find a better, safer and more cost effective way to clean your parts with ArmaKleen Chemistry! Thank you for the opportunity.