Do ArmaKleen™ aqueous cleaners have any effect on various types of O-rings?

I was recently asked the question; “Do ArmaKleen™ aqueous cleaners have any effect on various types of O-rings?”
At first appearance, this seems like a straightforward question that should have a simple yes or no answer. This question is deceptive, though.  The answer is more involved.  Let me explain.
O-rings are made from a wide range of polymers, each imparting performance characteristics.  The different polymers also have differing chemical resistances.  
Most of the ArmaKleen™ cleaners are alkaline.  Amongst the alkaline cleaners there are different formulations that produce differing cleaning characteristics.  The ArmaKleen product line up also includes one acid cleaner, one caustic cleaner, and the ArmaKleen™ Paint and Ink Remover.  So we have different chemistries. The Paint and Ink Remover is designed to attack and pull apart polymeric coating systems, which the “rubbery” chemical structure of O-rings are similar to.
So while we have found that a lot of O-rings are resistant to attack from a majority of our ArmaKleen™ cleaners, there are those that can be softened and damaged by our cleaners like our Paint and Ink Remover.
Which brings me back to the question at hand; I had to ask a follow-up question.  Was there a specific type of O-ring material that needed to be cleaned?
  The O-rings that need to be cleaned are Buna, Viton and EPR O-rings.  ArmaKleen™ 4 in 1 Cleaner, M-Aero, M-HP-2 or MM-Recycle should not affect those O-ring polymers in these brands. 
If you have a similar question related to O – rings or polymers for your business that are not made of the same materials as discussed above, please send me a note. I will be glad to get you an answer on your different polymers as well.