Bio24 Offers a Greener Way to Get Your Parts Clean

As trichloroethylene and other solvents come under increased scrutiny for their health and environmental impacts, solvent users are left seeking more sustainable operating alternatives. In response, the use of toxic solvents to clean contaminants from metal parts has given way to aqueous-based options.
Alternatives to solvents have emerged largely due to ongoing regulatory recognition of their potential health and environmental liabilities. Traditional solvents are flammable, emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be hazardous to use. Depending on its chemical constituents, a solvent may be classified as a hazardous material that requires special handling, recycling and disposal procedures. These requirements increase the cost of solvent use and can raise liability risks.
A preferred option is the use of aqueous-based cleaners, which are non-flammable, pose lower health risks and have low VOC-emitting potential. As surfactant technologies have improved, newer water-based detergents and cleaners have proven to be as effective as solvents with much lower safety, health and environmental concerns. Instead of dissolving grease and solids, aqueous cleaners rely on heat, agitation and surfactants to break dirt into smaller particles.
ArmaKleen’s newest parts cleaning chemistry, Bio24, takes aqueous cleaning to an even higher level with the introduction of bio-carbon containing surfactants and additives. These surfactants and additives are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine or forestry materials. Bio24 not only provides the cost-effective, environmentally responsible option found with aqueous cleaning, but also enhances the green profile and sustainability status for companies that use it. 
The USDA certification is awarded to products with a bio carbon content of at least 65 percent—Bio24 exceeds this with a certified bio-carbon content of 72 percent. The cleaning solution also complies with the Green Seal™ GS-34 Standard for Cleaning and Degreasing Agents. 
ArmaKleen Bio24’s super-concentrated formula allows this product to be diluted with water at recommended concentrations ranging from five to ten percent solution which is half that of typical cleaning products. At a 10 percent dilution ratio, Bio24 has a VOC content of about 12g/L which complies with the 25g/L SCAQMD VOC air regulations. 
Bio24 is formulated to work in manual, immersion/agitation, spray under immersion/agitation, ultrasonic and spray washing equipment to remove soils such as grease, lubricating oils, dirt and other soils from steel, copper, aluminum and other polymeric substrates. When left on metal surfaces, Bio24 provides temporary indoor rust protection for steel surfaces, during storage and between operations. The duration of rust protection is directly related to environmental storage conditions.
Also, Bio24 will not foam in spray applications as low as 110° F, nor will it tarnish or dull cast aluminum parts.
Are you ready to take sustainability for your part washer to a higher level with ArmaKleen’s Bio24 aqueous solution? Bio24 can help your business improve your sustainability objectives with less impact on the environment. It can improve workplace safety and reduce industrial waste and operating costs.
This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-34 based on effective performance and protective limits on: VOCs, ozone depleting chemicals, and human & environmental toxicity.