Concentration of ArmaKleen Cleaner Bath

How do I monitor the concentration of my ArmaKleen cleaner bath?  How do I check the concentration of my ArmaKleen cleaner bath?

The simplest method to monitor an ArmaKleen cleaner bath is to do a titration.  When you titrate you are taking the known chemical, the titrant, and reacting it with the unknown chemical.  By knowing how much of your known chemical you used you can know how much of the unknown you have.
The test kits that are available through your Safety-Kleen branch have been set up to be easily used in the field.  The test kits do what is called an acid-base neutralization titration.  With this type of titration  you are reacting the alkalinity of your ArmaKleen cleaner.  
The titration test kits are set up with everything you need to titrate an ArmaKleen cleaner.  There are step by step instructions that will take you through the titration.
The ArmaKleen Technical Center has posted a video on our website ( demonstrating how to use the test kit and how to conduct the titration on an ArmaKleen cleaner.
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